Create, raise and share
your own virtual curious cats

We believe that Artificial Intelligence should be a universal and collaborative good. This is why NeuralCat provides each one of you with the possibility to:

  • Create your own cognitive companions
  • Teach them through conversation
  • Share them with the rest of the world
  • Benefit from knowledge redistribution between all the cats

What Wikipedia has done for encyclopedic knowledge, we will do it for Artificial Intelligence.


Get ready to teach and challenge your first own cognitive companion on your smartphone.

Only 1000 beta keys are avalaible for the first beta session. Subscribe to the beta in order to be selected and get a beta key. The sooner you will be registered, the better are your chance to be selected!

An access and a link to download the app will be sent to you 10 days before the beta opening. The Beta will be launched September 2017, the 1th.


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